Our History

Cayisle Enterprises Ltd (“CEL”) is a multigenerational family business with over 50 years of servicing the Cayman Islands. CEL first founded CEL Distributors in 1969 and which is now one of the oldest and most well-established manufacturing representatives in the Cayman Islands.    As Cayman has grown over the past 50 years so has CEL.  CEL Beauty Centre & Supply was established in 2003 and quickly became largest supplier of professional beauty products in the Cayman Islands.

In 2012 CEL Distributors expanded their focus from grocery and tobacco by acquiring Bodden Beverages which led to the establishment of its beverages division and which is now the largest non-alcoholic beverage supplier in the Cayman Islands.

Having identified the need for a reliable air conditioning supplier in the Cayman Islands, CEL founded CEL Cooling & Supply in 2018 and which has quickly become the largest provider of air conditioning equipment in the Cayman Islands.

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Our Values

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics in our business, our respect for our employees and our responsibilities to our families and the greater community. By keeping these values in the forefront of our decision making, this has driven the growth of the CEL group of companies both in size and in reputation.

“Embracing the philosophy of continuous improvement, the company focuses on serving the needs of both its customers and suppliers and maintaining its position as market leader in the Cayman Islands, through the implementation of creative and innovative business practices.”